More Treatment Options

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Minnesota. In fact, some estimates reveal nearly 50 percent of Minnesota residents will be afflicted with cancer at some point during their lives. The newest entrant into the fight against cancer will be Park Nicollet Frauenshuh Cancer Center. "This center is the next step in cancer care - multispecialty care for complex cancers," says Mark Wilkowske, MD, chief of oncology services at Park Nicollet Cancer Center. Construction for the new cancer center begins in September, with opening expected by 2009.

Services, coordinated care

Frauenshuh Cancer Center will offer a full range of services and coordinated care for patients and their families. Patients will find a continuum of care and all their services in one place. "Our patients need and deserve to have their care experience be as easy and seamless as possible," Dr. Wilkowske says. "They should be using their energy to enjoy time with their spouses or playing with their children, rather than navigating care areas, check-in desks and waiting rooms as they receive care."

Services offered at the center will include several subspecialties, such as medical oncology, pulmonary care, gynecology, radiology, pathology, psychotherapy and nutrition. All services will come to the patient rather than having the patient move to different areas. "Patients are the center, and everything flows to them," Dr. Wilkowske says.

"This is not just another cancer center or another clinic. This is a new way to provide care to our patients," Dr. Wilkowske says. "It is set up with patients' needs and ease of care as the highest priorities. This is the way care should be - it just makes sense."

Patient comfort

To ensure patient comfort, special features will be built into the new center. Meditation areas, educational resources and comfortable family rooms will be provided, in addition to a chapel. A healing garden also will be created. "The healing garden will be gorgeous," Dr. Wilkowske says. "It will provide patients a peaceful respite where they can rest and reenergize. Also, our treatment rooms will have large windows facing a wetland, providing plenty of natural light."

A key benefit of Frauenshuh Cancer Center will be the increased opportunity for specialized care. "Each patient is different - some want to stay in their rooms and have privacy; others want to roam around," Dr. Wilkowske says. "At the new center, patients will receive services that match their individual needs."

Bright future

"This is an exciting time in oncology because there are more treatment options for more types of cancers than ever before," Dr. Wilkowske says. "Many cancer patients have the potential to be cured, and an increased number are living longer and enjoying a good quality of life."