5 Things to Do After Giving Birth

You're a completely happy mom! After nine months of waiting, finally you have your baby. Your body has gone through many changes during this period, and now want back in shape and regain the body you had before pregnancy.

You must have patience, if you needed nine months to make a baby, you need at least the same amount for your body to fully recover from this adventure. However, you can start taking care since the birth of your baby: discover our tips to reconcile slowly with your body.

During pregnancy and childbirth, your body is subjected to many changes that can leave marks after the birth of your baby (more biggestloserthegame.com/c4-pre-workout-reviews.html). Your skin may seem looser, less toned. The decrease in blood pregnancy hormones can also cause dry skin and a murky tone.

You may also have some extra pounds. Hormones may also favor the appearance of cellulite. If you had an episiotomy or a cesarean scar can be painful for several weeks after birth.

After the birth of your child, it is important to:

1. Start eating a balanced diet to shape your silhouette. However, we also need to treat your body in moderation during the first months after birth: you must choose exercises adapted.

2. After six weeks, start swimming, after four months begin with cardiovascular exercises in a gym or outdoors (tennis, sports swimming, cycling).

3. After a year, begin running and enjoying other sports.

4. To relax your back (from the first month), try lying on your back with knees bent, heels close to the thighs. Place your hands on your belly, your head on the floor and receding chin, gently move the pelvis forward, so that the back sticking more to the ground. As you exhale, raise the pelvis and back paste down to inhale.

5. Finally, your face may have cloth marks (brown spots), and you can still have a brown line on the belly. All these skin markings usually disappear spontaneously a few months after delivery.

Because of all these changes, young mothers often have trouble recognizing your body after childbirth. Take time to regain your figure and to know your new body mom.

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